Hi and i must thank the moders for cooking mods for the ps3 ( as my pc cant play the game over 10fps )
Anyway i have done some landskape modeling for just about 12 yers or so .
I have worked on "Cinema 4D" 4 to 10 . And some other 3d apps right now i am at hard wok on Blender.
So if you want just send me a pm or type in the thread and tell me to do some landskape, buildings ore other types ( mosly terrain , landskape and buildings.) and i will make them for you .
I need only a idee a consept and some info , ( maximum polys so i dont go crasy and make a landskape thats built up of 1m-polys :P )
tell me a maximum of polys and give me an idee on how you want it too look and i will make it so.
And yeha , i want to test my stuff also , so cook em for ps3 .
sorry for my bad spelling Englsih is not my native langue.
i realy hope you want my help , perhaps i shuld upload some pictures of landskapes terrains buildings iv done ? and put a info file on them .
thank you hope you did undrerstand