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Integrate script file into map file

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    Integrate script file into map file


    I have a script used in my map that modifies the jump pads and makes them team specific. Now I am looking for a way to integrate the .u and .uc file that the script consits of.

    Problem is that on dedicated servers for some odd reason you have to have the script files in the designated script directory. For normal players its enough if the script files simply are in the same directory as the map itself.

    So the easiest solution would be to include the script files in the mapfile. I am wondering if this can be done and if so how.

    Thank you!

    In the old days it was done through the #exec commands or by the built in editor (you already knew that). Either Epic were lazy and didn't get the #exec commands working for release or they were never implimented to begin with. The majority of the things that were done the old ways probably will never work because of portability for the consoles.


      You mean like

      obj load file=scriptfile.u package=mapname

      I tried that one and it shows up in the editor log as a command but nothing seems to happen.


        when you cook your map every custom script in use by the map will be cooked with it

        (if your wondering the utpickupfactory_redeemer is a workaround to move weaponpickups(in this case the redeemer) on movers)