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    It might be done with a particle emitter, I've just begun watching the tutorial on particle systems and there's an option for "New Mesh Data" in right-click menu on the emitter list. The tut says the option will enable you to emit static meshes at the location of each particle.

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    Interpolator Help


    Getting my UED on. I have a level I am designing that seems to be moving up through a massive shaft into a bright light forever via texture panning.

    Now, as this "elevator" the level is on moves "up" through the shaft, I would like to have Meshes come down from the top. Similar to how DM-Deimos has those Asteroids appearing off of earth's horizon and being sucked into the worm hole.

    Might anyone have some help as to how I may accomplish this? I tried checking out DM-Deimos to get a hint but all I could find was an Interpolator and no real understanding of how it is generating all those asteroid meshes to fly past the level.