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How much power do we have for single-player?

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    How much power do we have for single-player?

    I was wondering how much power the UnrealED program gives us over things like current objectives. For instance, I would like to "get to know" the engine and editor by creating a simple objective-based "race" map in which the player competes for their own best track record with various vehicles. Ultimately, I'd like this to be a multiplayer experience, but for now I'd just like to get the objective handling taken care of.

    I would want the map to be quite open, which makes for a fairly easy (on paper) way to handle it. I would like to be able to set a current objective, and ultimately a victory condition. It could simply be an array of triggers placed on the map that do something like

    1) When the player enters this trigger, start the clock - set hidden objective to be "enter trigger 2" - set visible objective to "Complete the course as quickly as possible!"
    2) Set the hidden objective to be "enter trigger 3"
    4) Set Visible Objective to "Track completed! Your time was: 00:00" - map ends in victory.

    Or even have the map never end for all that matters, could just set the real objective to "enter trigger 1 to try again."

    Anyhow - I've been toying with this in the Crysis editor, and it works just fine - however, the limitations of the engine and the lack of access to more powerful areas leaves a bad taste in my mouth (not to mention UT3 looking twice as good and giving me 3x the FPS that Crysis does).

    Viable idea for UT3? If so, would this be the sort of thing that only works in single-player (as it stands, you can only use A.I. scripting and custom objectives in single-player maps for Crysis, which is a huge dissapointment)?

    If this can not be handled as a single-player type of map it should definitely be possible as a mutator correct?

    I believe it is entirely possible. It is possible, after all, to make single player scenarios within the engine... see Gears of War, same exact engine.

    I wouldn't really know just how you would pull this off, but you could probably do some really fancy kismet stuff and get both Single and Multi-player play, though you would more than likely have to make a mod to make players always spawn in a set vehicle type (ie- manta, viper, scorpion, etc) and disable them being able to leave the vehicle.


      Thank you for the quick reply, ShadeMistress! I'm poking around in Kismat right now, it looks quite powerful. There is a "Single Player Mission" that seems like it could be used to do what I want (for a single player at least, as a proof of concept. It looks like I will need the aid of a true programmer to bring the project into a multi player situation, if it gets that far).

      Really, I wouldn't need the player to spawn in a vehicle - or even force them to stay in it. I could have a "garage" placed at the beginning of the map where the player can choose his mode of transportation. Then, once they walk across the first trigger the clock would start - if they get out, it is only going to penalize them. It could be interesting actually, I could do something like an inverse "tower defense" level like seen in many RTS titles. Instead of constructing towers to prevent mobs from finishing the maze, I could set obstacles for the player to run the gauntlet so to speak.


        Okay, I've managed to get a trigger placed in my level and have the whole "walk over me to trigger an event" thing squared away. However - is there a way I can scale the size of the trigger? Preferably as a box (instead of sphere).


          Originally posted by Virance View Post
          Okay, I've managed to get a trigger placed in my level and have the whole "walk over me to trigger an event" thing squared away. However - is there a way I can scale the size of the trigger? Preferably as a box (instead of sphere).
          There are many ways to trigger event:

          - normal trigger, you can adjust its collision cylinder in properties
          - static mesh that reacts to anything touching it
          - trigger volume - just like trigger but you make it volume of any shape

          to see what is possible select volume or static mesh and inside kismet look into: "add event using .... "


            Thank you very much Nawrot!


              The VolumeTrigger's are exactly what I wanted, thank you very much! One problem I am having though; I've placed a viper on my level just to play around with (and to make it faster as I run through the points testing things). However, whenever I get into it and try to move with WASD it seems to "crash" and lock up - I hit spacebar and it respawns me. Odd thing is, I can see the "old" me standing outside of the viper. If I jump with the viper before trying to move - this doesn't happen. Any ideas as to what may be causing that?