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[PROBLEM]LiftCenter not based on an InterpActor

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    [PROBLEM]LiftCenter not based on an InterpActor

    So, i have this lift, wich works perfectly when activated by players. But, when i add the LiftCenter for the bots actually use it i get two messages after paths builds/full builds, one in the way of a warning (yellow warning icon), and the other as an error (red error icon). Both messages are coming from the same LiftCenter,(wich is this case is LiftCenter_0), wich leaves the lift completely unpathed. If bots happen to fall under the spell of the lift, they'd get stuck forever, and even though i have a LiftExit at each exit of the lift "thing", they just get stuck.

    The LiftCenter IS INDEED positioned on top of an InterpActor, and the icon doesn't go all BadSize on me, so i really don't know wtf is going on.

    Any help regarding this issue is welcome

    maybe you should insert the lift as an InterpActor but not sure at all


      Have you put the lift center name on the "MyLiftCenter" propertie of the 2 lift exit?

      Do you got a green brush around your mover when you select the lift center on the viewport?

      Maybe try to delete this lift center and recreate it...


        AFAIK, you put the lift center on the lift itself.
        Then put the two lift exits one at the bottom and at the top (if you only have one entrance and exit to your lift that is).
        Then on both lift exits you have to add the lift center name to the parameter where it says Myliftcenter. and then it should work.
        On a further not, the same idea works for jump lift exits. U put ur jump lift exits where u want the bots to jump to from the lift and assign to the lift center.