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how do i place a mesh pivot point?

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    how do i place a mesh pivot point?

    Again, im doing tests to get weapons into the game.
    Later tries were succesful, but now i have a new question.

    If you put a mesh into the game, to be the weapon pickup mesh, i have realized that this mesh now its rotating on the weapon locker, but instead rotating on his own axis, its rotating over an axis that is exterior to the mesh.

    So instead rotating like usual weapons is movig in circles outside a centre.

    Is there any way to set the pivot point of a mesh in unreal editor, or the pivot point just gets imported from the .psk file and cannot be moved?

    The pivot point of a mesh in UT3 Ed, imported from Max is the world center in Max.

    Don't know about Maya.


      thanks for the reply zoo,
      i am investigating this myself, and if someone finds this useful i will say that
      once you export the mesh on 3dsmax, the psk contains information on the weapon coordinates and the pivot point on max.

      For example, once you import the model on unreal ed, on the animation set browser the mesh will be displayed on the same position that was in max.

      You can move there in order the weapon to be in the centre of the 2 axies, and that will make the weapon rotate properly on the weapon locker.
      BUT, it seems the mesh pivot information is also exported, and the weapon will contain the pivot in the same position that it was on mAX.
      While on the animation set broeser you will be able to make corrections on movement coordinates by displacing the weapons, it seems that make corrections on the emplacement of the pivot is imposible ( or i have ot discovered the way...).

      For example, the weapon mesh i was talking about in my first post , now rotates inside the weapon locker porperly, but its pivot is not on the centre of the weapon, its on the cannon. So it moves a little weird.

      Clarifing all:
      You will have less problems with weapon coordinates and its movement and his pivots points if you emlace the weapon on 0.0.0 world coordinates on max, and placing the pivot point in the centre of the mesh.

      Still testing this.


        I'm having a similar problem, having created a static mesh from a bsp surface within Unreal Editor - the pivot point is far off of the center. Using the wireframe view of it, i have found myself able to set the pivot point to any intersection i wish, using the pivot options on right-clicking in a view window. Unfortunately, from here, it does not seem to stay in that location when assigning other properties or converting it into a mover - it will just revert back to its' original place and distance when running "play from here", and after closing that. Could this be a bug, at all, where it will not stay, or is it just a hazard of not assigning the pivot to be at 0,0,0 in the first instance?