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    Particle Editor questions

    Can someone tell me if these tools are the same the devs used? I hate digging into a dev tool just to find out its not the real thing and kind of limited.

    If a developer can tell me this too, is the particle editor in the tools, is it a UT3 editor, or the Unreal 3 editor? (Meaning can my particle be used in other game that use the unreal 3 engine?) I don't want to use it for other games, id just like to train myself in the editor. Also, can you confirm that it isn't a gimped version and will actually work for all unreal 3 projects? IE this isn't an "Unreal tournament 3 particle editor" I don't care what format the emitters can be exported as, as long as i can fraps it.

    Can someone else tell me if the editor has a "simulate" function? For example, if the particle is meant to be a projectile i can simulate the movement of that particle from within the editor?

    Im going to have to re-buy this game on the PC to get the tools, so i want to be 100% sure its worth it.

    Yes, these are the same tools that the devs used...

    As far as the rest of the post, it's very confusing and hard to follow...

    Yes, you can see the effects of any emitter while editing it...

    Pretty much, you can do almost anything within the bounds of the game's source and physics capabilities, but it's not gonna be a "Oh I got the editor, I am a super-l33t mod-making machine" and suddenly you have exactly what you want in a couple of minutes.

    It's easy to learn, but takes a while to master it. Just take your time, and come here for advice when you need it, and eventually you should be able to make just about anything...

    Just note that you will need Max or Maya or even Blender (free) to make Models if you want to make Characters, Vehicles, or Weapons.


      Im sorry if it was a little confusing, im used to some proprietary tools for particle creation.

      I guess what i was asking, is the particle editor that is in this... is it the "Unreal 3 engine" editor or is it a "Unreal tournament 3" specific editor?

      When i say "Simulate" function i mean: Can the program take my particle emitter and move it around in the preview window? Not move the camera, but simulate movement of the actual particle emitter itself? Just so i can see a smoke trail or glowing line trail, etc.. without having to test it in game.

      Im fully stocked as far as 3rd party software goes though, thank you for your response.