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Toggling Emitter

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    Toggling Emitter

    I have a trigger volume that turns on an emitter while a player is inside. Well I want the emitter to shut off when the player leaves the volume. The problem is that toggling on the emitter works fine but when I toggle it off it just keeping going. What exactly am I missing?


    1-just select your TriggerVolume and open the Kismet.

    2-right clic and select "event using triggerVolume->Touch"

    3-right clic again and select "New action->Toggle->toggle"

    4-Select your emitter on the viewport and go to its properties, search the line "bAutoActivate" and deselect it.

    5-Keep the emitter selected and go to the kismet, then right clic and select "New Object var using emitter"

    6-Now just link "touched" of the triggerVolume to "Turn on" of the toggle, then link "Untouched" of the triggerVolume to "Turn off" of the toggle.

    7-Link the emitter object to the "target" of the toggle action.

    8-Don't forget to put the "maxTriggerCount" to 0 of the triggerVolume properties in the Kismet.

    Test it, that's works as you want


      Already did all that... that is the problem. Upon untouched the emitter does not stop. It turns the emitter on but not off.

      EDIT: got it working... something in my emitter was set wrong, it worked when I recreated the emitter. Thanks anyway .