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How to give a vehicle skeletal mesh physics collision?

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    How to give a vehicle skeletal mesh physics collision?

    I have a custom vehicle rigged and in-game, however physics do not affect it (i.e. it floats in the air wherever it spawned), and vehicles do not collide with it. I gave it a physics asset and per poly collision on part of it etc. but it refuses to budge. On a different version of the script I have for it, I get this in the log:

    "Log: AActor::SyncActorToRBPhysics: Invalid or Missing BodyInstance in CollisionComponent. (check to make certain your object actually has a collision volume) for: Epsilon WAR-Floodgate.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.Epsilon_0 CollisionComp: No StaticMeshComponent Assigned"

    followed shortly by

    "Log: === Critical error: ===
    General protection fault!"

    Hints? Thanks in advance.

    Check out the tutorials by geodav on this site. The vehicle-related one is not finished, but it should provide you with enough info to get any veh running ingame.


      That's the tutorial I used.

      Still can't seem to give it physics, I've looked over it many times...


        with which bit are you having problems, to me it looks like you don't have the collision mesh, once you've made your collisions in PhAT close the window and save your package. If you have problems with the tutorials please post in this thread or PM me cheers