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Blender Modeling for UT3

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    Blender Modeling for UT3

    I got the bulk of my first mesh shape done in Blender. There is a lot of angled geometry to precisely match a blueprint I'm using. It's most of a bunker from a Photon laser tag arena. In real life it's just over 8.5 feet tall. I still have to add the center entrance core section and indent the roof to make room where an observation deck goes above across the middle.

    Question: The top double-beveled "roof" section is actually parts of two half slices with no plane surfaces in between. I will be cutting into both the top and bottom with the center core shape using boolean. At this time the two halves are not joined into a single mesh to minimize the mess boolean makes. I'm assuming when I do join them into one mesh, it will then allow the boolean to create inner faces where I will make the recessed areas? If I don't join them, I could manually add the inside raised ceiling faces with the Fkey but what would happen when I select everything later to make it a single object for ASE export - would it undo my inside the mesh cuts?


    When I am completely done and figure out how to add a UT3 friendly custom texture I can import it into my level, plus collision. Anyway I know its not much but here is what it looks like at this stage.

    I wouldn't use booleans to create what your after as, Like you say, It can get very messy. I would keep the model as one complete thing rather than two parts you need for booleans, And use the cut tool (K key) then cut the shape of doors etc into the faces on the outside and the inside, then use extrutions to make the doorways etc, Then i would delete any faces that were left blocking the holes and merge the left over pairs vertices from each extrusion, Finally deleting any edges/vertices that are redundant from the cuts that were made.

    I actually gave up trying to use Blender with the new engine as i found the whole export/import experience very hit and miss even with basic Static Meshes.


      For this subject based on blueprints it would have been impossible to determine where to manually cut sometimes off the grid with the K key since there are 22.5 degree sloping sides/bevels, and 30 degree slants around the perimeter from the top view. I may have to try the K key and make extrusions for the next sections if needed. But if the gaps are planer in nature its easier just to select 3 or 4 vertices and hit the F key to make the missing faces.

      I was able to go into mesh edit mode and removed the extra faces and vertices the boolean operations created by Alt-M to merge vertices and Alt-J to merge faces. In some rare cases removing a plane of faces and re-adding the planar face with the F key. All my meshes are clean with no extra vertices or faces than needed. I'm using a combination of the internal Boolean W key, and scripts. The wireframe in mesh edit mode is very clean.

      As far as ASE export/import into UnrealEd, I was able to do it with the script just fine. But I haven't tried anything with custom textures as materials on the mesh until I learn how that actually works now. I'm not sure if I need to make collision hulls in Blender or just make the UnrealEd mesh properties add them.


        Collision models depend on the mesh and how/where it's going to be used in the game/map really, As that structure sounds like it's gonna let people run inside it and maybe get on top then a Bender made collison hull would probably be better, Just one of the reasons i prefer an 3D App' that supports ActorX, Such as XSI Mod Tool, As ActorX allows a seperate collision hull to be exported with the original model/mesh, At least it did in UT2004 so i presume it's the same for UT3, If the same thing is possible to do in Blender i'm unsure (never tried) but it may be possible to do using Collada export.


          Yeah I would need collision everywhere I have a mesh shape in the level. The entire level may be imported meshes. Can a collision hull touch the surfaces? How well does the Generic Browser mesh properties collision options work on complex objects with openings to shoot through, etc?

          I like the open source thing Blender has going on. I hope the guy who did the Goofos ASE exporter Python script would update it for full UT3 support to add things like you've said with collision hulls.

          I also have XSI Mod Tool which works with the ActorX that Epic has for the pro XSI app. But support-wise its intended for the game Half-Life and so I can't find much about people using it for UT based games. I hear Epic is working on a new ActorX for Maya 8.5 PLE but I wish they'd get on with it because I hate switching around relearning 3 apps that could do the same thing. I hate the watermark thing though, because I'd like to use whatever 3D app I setting in to for personal artwork scenes too.