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Want to create a fan that blows players to higher ground.

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    Want to create a fan that blows players to higher ground.

    I guess I'll elaborate now. On a map I'm working on, there are these cylindrical structures that have huge fans spinning in their floors. When a player enters this building, I want them to immediately be blown up to the second story. I just want it to guide them in an upward direction. The player will be able to make horizontal movements while being risen, but I don't want them to control whether they can go up or down in this room. It's only up.

    How would I go about doing this?

    Okay, I sorta figured it out now. I just created a gravity volume that reverses gravity. But there's one other issue. The player has to jump to go up. I want the player to float up as soon as he steps into the gravity volume.

    I will try toying around more to see if I figure this out. But in the mean time, if anyone knows a solution, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


      You know there's something similar in DM-Gateway ?
      Maybe that could help you out.


        possibly use a jumppad - and set the mesh to be hidden?


          Does it work if they fall? I mean, instead of making them jump up for the volume to work, if the just step/fall down from a ledge as the enter, does that work? Or make them jump over something to get in?


            If I use a jumppad the player would have to jump over the exact spot. And it wouldn't have the effect I'm looking for.

            I pretty much have it working exactly how I want it to, I just need to make it so that the player is effected by the negative gravity as soon as he walks into it, rather than having to jump. But I may have found a cheat. If I make it so that there is a slight fall from the entrance of the fan room, to the room's surface where the fan spins, I think it should lift the player up, since he/she falling through air and not standing on ground at that point.

            I'm pretty sure this will work. But I won't be able to test it out 'till I get back home from work.

            I'm really looking forward to releasing a Beta of this map. Right now I'm just working on the most complicated parts that need to work for the map to be doable. After I have these figured out, I'm going to sketch up a map layout, and then really start building. I'm hoping to have something up in a week. Hopefully someone doesn't put up something similar by that time.


              Mort, I can't believe you posted that while I was making my last post, as I just made that point. It came to mind when I jumped back down into the room from the second story and was pushed back up.

              Now that you've said it as well, I'm pretty sure this will be my easy solution.


                Sorry for multiple posts in a row.

                I got the player to be lifted by walking over it by making the player fall into the gravity volume. But I have another issue. The player can hit the ceiling of the room when not directing himself. Doing so makes the player bounce off the ceiling of the room, making him head down to the floor. if his feet touch the bottom, which they too often do, he stays put.

                I tried making it so that the gravity field doesn't go all the way to the top of them room. It now ends right underneath the opening to the second story. So the player is pushed just far enough above the gravity volume so that he can easily make it to the second story. But even in this scenario, if the player stays in the room rather than exiting to the second floor, he jumps above the gravity volume, and when falling back down through it, hits the floor again, and stays.

                I can probably fix this by making multiple gravity volumes in the same room, but how big of a hit will the performance take if I do this? And I'm going to have to do a lot of toying around to find how to adjust the height and strength of the volume to prevent the player from touching back down onto the floor once he's entered the room.

                If there was a circular metal grate mesh that I could place on the bottom I probably wouldn't mind too much that the player can land on the floor. But as it is, the fan is exposed at the bottom because I can't find a good grate mesh to cover it but still allow the spinning fan underneath to be visible. I'd really like to get past this one obstacle so that I can move on to the rest of the map. I'd prefer to not just settle for a jump pad. I'm so close to getting the result I want.


                  There's an actor that you could probably use to accomplish this, I just can't for the life of me remember how.

                  It's called a ForcePawn or something... and I know it's used in one of the stock maps for a waterfall (Corruption I think)...

                  Essentially, it forces any actor that touches it to head back into a forced direction... Someone help me (us) out here...

                  I'm doing a rather long build right now and am headed off to bed, but I will definitely look into it tomorrow unless someone else comes up with it before me.




                      That's the one.

                      Thanks Xyx