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[SOLVED]wierd mover behaviour

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    [SOLVED]wierd mover behaviour

    For the map i'm making i'm adding a LRC transport train, it's finished but moving the lot is a bit problematic

    What i did was convert all the components to interpactor, and attach then to the most front mesh
    i then build a matinee for that front interpactor
    But something odd happens, when i double click the matinee to change the position, all the attached interpactors all line up at 90 degrees
    First had a train going from north to south, now i have a train with all the interpactor parralel to it

    Converting them to one single prefab doesn't work either, they still change position

    What did i do wrong?

    solved, just needed to select hard attach and shadow parented, it's working as it should work


      Hah, that problem just droveme mad as I tried to solve it for 2 hours. Thanks for solution.