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Build Lighting broken?

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    Build Lighting broken?

    I've tried about a dozen times to try and do a Build Static Lighting in every map I have, every time the editor starts doing it's thing, but gets to lighting and just hangs there for like... 45 mins to an hour or more (I've left to watch a movie at the theater today and come back to see not a **** thing changed)...

    I can't do **** else with my computer while it's doing that or I get the famous Windoze "UT3.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close." error...

    WTF?!?!?! I've done a reinstall of the game, deleted every INI on every hard drive I have. Tried it with the patch, without the patch, updated drives, used outdated and 3rd party drivers for every conceivable thing, but nothing ****ing works...

    This was working FINE last night, now I can't even rebuild lights on maps I already have built lighting for...

    AFAIK, building in an additive world rather than a subtractive one improves light building a lot.

    If you're building in subtractive, I'd recommend copying your level and pasting in a new additive world and rebuilding. Someone else may know better though, I'm not an expert.


      Have you changed any lightmap resolutions or the static lighting resolution on the terrain?

      If so you could try putting them all back to default.


        nah, I have been editing in Additive and I haven't changed the res on the terrain lightmap, but I can't even do a light build with a map that has NO terrain in it now...


          Sometimes while building lighting temporary shader files get corrupted.

          Solution is simple: Delete all files that are not map from your UNPUBLISHED folder. Leave only those: DM-MyMap.ut3 (DM-MyMap.UPK need to be killed they contain lightmaps)

          But before you dlelete anything MAKE BACKUP of whole folder unpublished somewhere, just in case.