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the great outdoors (need tutorials & tips)

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    the great outdoors (need tutorials & tips)

    Hello all
    Apart from my question topic here:

    i have a few questions about modeling and level design .
    I have the special edition of UT3 with the hours of video tutorials.. when quickly browsing through them i miss one important thing .

    how or rather where to start making an outdoor level... or even combined. partial indoors and partial outdoors .

    How to deal with the following
    1: heightmaps (multiple to walk over and under bridges for example)
    2: skybox tut's
    3: outdoor or scene lights (not the big light in the sky but maybe triggered light, scenery changes from goody goody to evil lights for example)
    4: how big can a level be...

    and last but not least
    5: is it possible to create multiple levels for singleplayer.. with this i mean like a huge world you freeroam in without loading .
    I know lots of unreal engine games have this but does a mod have this freedom?
    and is it possible to save world state

    as you can guess i am going RPG style

    but i really need some tutorials on how to create outdoor area's, most of the tut's i have on the dvd are only for indoor levels . using the tool to cut rooms out of solid mass (second option when you create a new level)

    #1. I'm not sure you need heightmaps, you can make a terrain actor and fiddle with it to raise/lower terrain.

    #2. You don't have skyboxes anymore, instead you have a skydome static-mesh. To use this properly, you'll need to be doing an additive level (not subtractive).

    #3. I'm not too sure how to go about this myself (haven't had to), but I'm guessing you'd want triggers.

    #4. Fairly large, but they can take a long time to build.

    I'd recommend learning terrain how I did, and I can't take credit for it, but Hourence's site has some nifty tutorials on there.


      as for #5 you can make you life easier, a LOT easier, by making multiple maps with the same skydome and using portals to launch you into the next map.

      as for #3 you can save overhead by using triggered materials and even huge movers to change sceenery instantaneously.


        Terrain can be only pseudo 3d, means only one Z value for singe X,Y coordinates. I am not even sure if you can do upsidedown terrain anymore like it was in UT2004. But making bridges, caves is easy with static meshes, there are few cool in UN_rocks.

        If you want more flexibility then 3ds max or maya.


          hehe thnx.. and no i will not be using upside down maps although it would be nice with some rare type of mentally mind boggeling race game .

          Anyway are there any guifdelines for UT3?
          Max triangle count for models and character in particular (or on screen, rendered)
          Texture guidelines like how many bit, format, size? 1600x1050 is toooo much hehe (or is it?)
          Can i find some guidelines?