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Missing materials and models ?

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    Missing materials and models ?

    I was doing a tutorial how to add water ect. But when i was going to apply biowaste like in the tutorial i could not find it anywere. And i dont have all the models they use :S

    They use


    but i dont have it...

    Many things did not made to final game version. Learn to use and find replacements for what you want, its is like basic skill for mapping. Reusing meshes and textures from original packages in unusual ways will be your bread and butter in mapping.


      Does egging the narrator of the tutorial video count as "unusual ways"?

      I already made a 360 degree mesh out of 90 degree meshes, which was easy enough to replace the missing static mesh, but now I have to make a new material? Screw that, this DM map is going to have a deadly CREEK in the bottom of the second room. It's bad enough trying to understand when everything in modding is new all at once.

      I've watched the material tutorials, and Mcguyver would have a problem piecing together a biowaste mesh with no experience...of course he might be able to conjure up a blow torch with a rubber band, five pennies, and a decoder ring.


        You've probably already tried this, but when going through the tutorial videos, i was having trouble finding some of the materials and meshes that they were talking about, but eventually found them in completely different files/folders from where they were said to be. If there are many of these items missing, then are we able to hope that epic (<3) will release them in a patch or update? (pretty, pretty, please????)