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New Year, New UT, New UCMP!

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    New Year, New UT, New UCMP!

    It's a new year, there's a new UT, and now....

    There's a new UCMP.

    Click to enlarge

    We're starting up UCMP5 for Unreal Tournament 3. We're in the midst of carefully constructing a towering edifice consisting of a rough schedule, some greymapped geometry, some concept research, and more. We eventually hope to erect another community-pleasing quality product upon the wings of this construction.

    However, to do so, we need your assistance. We're currently looking for some 3D artists who can help bring in some custom content. We're not looking for beginners, but you don't have to be experts either. We're a team that builds skills together and has a fun time doing it and we would expect the same. If you are interested in helping us out, please visit our forums. We'd like to see your portfolio/previous work and we've set up a place for you to post such internet-based information. We've also posted some extra information about what we would expect and hope for.

    In the meantime, we suppose you're wondering when it will be done? All in good time.


    awesome! Hope good things come out of this


      This is great news! I just know there are going to be some amazing looking maps and then there will be amazing playing maps and then there will some with a nice helping of both! **** I can't wait and it just got announced. Good luck with the project AV ... glad to see you are still here and that you are still mapping ... I know you will come up with something fantastic.