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Build a better UTFrontEnd.ut3

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    Build a better UTFrontEnd.ut3

    I can't figure out how to edit this map, but here is what I am thinking:

    1) Back this map up.

    2) Edit a copy of this map, so that the entire map and everything in it gets deleted, except for the components needed for the menu system.

    The reason why is simple: to minimize any strain on the system of loading this map up. There's no magical caching going on in the background, you just get to load up the menu and navigate the UI.

    My idea for the level is that it's basically one black textured-cube that is essentially what exists around the camera.

    Furthermore the whitish transparent texture you see as shown here, that you see the world behind you:


    That could be edited to just be black, too.

    Anyhow, I wanted to throw this idea out there for someone who might be interested in taking on this task. Players could then back up their old UTFrontEnd.ut3, throw this in it's place, and have a much smoother experiencing navigating the menu system.

    well, i seem to have tried to do the same thing.
    i will continue working on this. there has to be
    a simple solution. if anyone else has any ideas
    please post them.


      Ive tried this
      but you cannot recook
      when trying to, UT3.exe will give you some pop ups about kismet referencing stuff, when trying to go around the popups, crash.


        What about the character customization screens that seem to have mini levels as well?


          It's pretty easy to make a new FrontEnd level, BUT the game uses various aspects of the UTFrontEnd.ut3 level for different aspects of the UI, for example the areas where the character cusomization takes place are built in parts of the the UTFrontEnd.ut3 level. If you want an utterly blank FrontEnd level then you will need to add place holders for the entities and so forth which UT3 expects to be part of the level and you will forego the visual character customization. It's also not at all recommended to go changing the default UT3 files.


            I've tried fooling around with the menu level too. I believe you can get what you (and I) want by stripping the level down to the bare bones and maybe trimming down the level's Kismet. This would probably be easier than setting it up from scratch due to the amount of settings you would have to copy over.

            The character customization "screens" just in case anyone is wondering are just seperate areas in the same level as the "flyby" area. You could probably just setup a player model + camera in a blank room and it would probably work fine.