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terrain editor crashes ut3editor

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    terrain editor crashes ut3editor


    Ive just been playing around with the new editor with the intention of just jumping in and being creative like I could with the older uneditor for ut2k3. but when i click the terrain editing mode button the window pops up but then program just crashes with the generic windows xp exeption dialog.

    I was following Hourences terrain tut:
    and its not just my level it also does it when I load up WAR-Islander and try editing terrain in that map.

    anyone else got this issue? or know what I should try to fix it. I kinda wanted terrain since I was going to try building up a jungle type theme.


    edit - athlon 4200 X2, gforce 6800, 2GB ram, asus a8n sli mobo.

    The Terrain Tool has always been buggy...even in the old UT2k4 version. I have been told by experienced mappers that it actually crashes less often with UnrealEngine 3 than it did on UnrealEngine 2.5 from UT2k4. This is second-hand, though, as I never tried the old Editor.

    However, I have the UT3 Collector's Edition, because I wanted the video tutorials on the bonus disc. When the instructor started talking about the Terrain Tool, he recommended saving often, as the Terrain tool has a habit of crashing UE. Thus, I save after every change, and don't rely on Autosave during terrain editing...And, yes, it has saved me a lot of trouble as the Terrain tool has caused quite a few crashes.


      Ok where exactly did he say that?
      The only time he mentioned the Terrain tool was when he said we're coming back to that in a later video. But there's no video about Terrain or am I blind ?


        yea, i know to save often first hand :P I dont remember the older uneditor crashing that often once you learnt what not to do. but this was 100% everytime a second after it opened.

        Anyway I did a fresh reinstall of windows XP, which needed doing badly by now anyway and its working now. Must have been something in the background or who knows with windows sometimes.

        FIXED! recommendation: purge the OS and interfering background apps.