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    Matinee help

    I skimmed the tutorials about matinee that came with the Collectors Edition. It was pretty cool, but I guessed I missed the part I was interested in.

    All I want to make is a cinematic sequence that records my character running down a hall. No fading cameras, no moving cameras, nothing fancy. How do I record this?

    I can set up the camera view, but I don't understand how to make that camera record my actions.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Keep it simple, though.

    I can has Unreal ed prowess! <<<Uh, how about no? :P

    Shameless bump.

    Please help. My Christmas break is drawing to a close, and I would like to say that I did something merit worthy...something other than sleeping late, playing Unreal and gaining some poundage.

    So, what do I do? How do I record?



      you can make your camera always look at your actor.

      1. create a camera and your skeletal mesh, than add a matinee scene in Kismet
      2. add a camera and skeletal mesh group ( the corresponding items have to be selected in the generic browser )
      3. keyframe your movement and choose the right animation
      4. in the camera group track, insert in the properties of the movement an "LookAtGroupName" ( the name of your actor group ) and choose for the RotMode: "IMR Look at group"

      Now the camera will always point in the direction of your actor.



        Hey! I believe your trying to actually render out an image sequence or avi/mov file in which to view as a video from unreal?

        Anyway, I am trying to figure out how to do that, not sure if its exactly what your asking for help for, but thats my problem, i'm wanting to be able to animate a cinimatic and basically make a movie just like the unreal cutscenes/in game cinimatics, but that seems to be the problem, its all in game, soooo... I'm also asking for an answer here cause i'd like to be able to do that, but watch it without having to use unreal... In theory, Epic used somthing like that to get use there cutscenes as online commercials or advertisments for the game... I'm sure they didn't just use a screen recording software like Camtasia Studio, because that type of software typically makes the game lag when trying to record it at 24fps/FullScreen. least it does for me anyway, so unfortunatly i don't have an answer for you, but instead an expansion on the question... Can you basically Render out animations to view in a movieplayer/Demo Reel sort of way? in Unreal Editor 3?


          You can use the -dumpmovie switch from the command line in Windows to cause the game to create an image sequence of frames.

          You can also use the -benchmark switch to lock it to 30 fps. You can set the resolution of the game using the -resX and -resY switches too.

          So, basically you run UT3.exe -dumpmovie -benchmark -resX=640 -resY=480

          This will dump images to the Screenshots folder.