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Few icons out of view in the ed.

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    Few icons out of view in the ed.

    Now the play icon and cook icon are out of view(i use res 1024 btw),and so far there is noway to get at them unless i up my monitor res to say 1152.
    Here is a pic of what i mean.
    as you see unless i up my res i cannot get to them icons.

    Also as far as i know there`s no shortcut to them as well.
    Plz epic make a slider bar,or at least or able to move the icon to where we want them.

    I don`t want to up my rez everytime i need to test map or cook map.
    Thank you.

    Being able to cook via the pull down menu is already on the community patch wish list.
    The other icon is 'play level now' i think, is already in the pull down menu.

    If you want you can give that thread a bump.


      Cool i hope so
      Just annoying to have to change res all the time.

      [edit]also the scaling of the grid size is out of view as well