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Meshes not showing up

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    Meshes not showing up

    So, I made a custom mesh in Blender 2.45, and exported it as an ASE file.

    I go into the editor, and in the generic browser, select, import-><my ASE file>.

    It thinks for about a second, then gives me a warning saying that there are no materials on the mesh, and goes ahead and imports it anyways.

    I add a standard editor material to it, and then place it in the level, scaling it up so that it's visible, rebuild all, then do "play from here". Now, in the editor, I can see the mesh (when I hit 'G' for instance it shows it in the texture panel), but when I go "play from here" it's not there, there's no collision (which I did add), no graphics for it, nothing.

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

    Almost forgot, I *did* render the model in Blender, and it was showing up there with it's material, though maybe I missed a step in applying it or something.