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    Making Lifts

    Ok, so I'm making my first map and wanted to add a lift. I did the smart thing and searched to find out how to make a lift before asking how.

    I found this absolutely fabulous tutorial:

    And I made my first lift!!! WOO!!! Yay me.

    It was a minor annoyance that if you did not get off the lift and it went back down, when it neared the bottom it stopped and went up again without reaching the bottom.

    I redid my lift using the same kismet as DM-Deck's lifts. It fixed that problem, Trouble is, I want to have more static meshes move with the lift platform, and I cannot work out how.

    In DM-Deck, I cannot see how the extra components of the lift are referenced in kismet, or in any way linked to the InterpActor that the lift is based on.

    Can anyone advise me how to do this?

    I haven't done this yet but it should be through Attachment between the two or more InterpActors. The 'Base' is the main InterpActor, the others attach to it.


      The extra bit of the lift is hard attached to the main part of the lift.

      Look in the attachment section of its properties.


        That worked, guys, thanks!!