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Newb Question, VCTF Vehicles... [Problem Solved]

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    Newb Question, VCTF Vehicles... [Problem Solved]

    How do I set the vehicles in VCTF to be unlocked for each team?

    I couldn't find a flag for it, what am I missing?

    Like the Manta under the bridge in Suspense? In the vehicle factory's properties, under UTVehicleFactory, check bStartNeutral. I think.


      I meant more like how the vehicles start assigned FOR a specific team.


        Originally posted by Xyx
        Try this... I haven't properly done it myself but I did mess around with it a bit...
        1. In the Necris team's core, under UTOnslaughtPowerCore, check bNecrisCore.
        2. For each node, place the vehicles for each team.
        3. For each vehicle factory, open the properties, expand UTVehicleFactory and set the team that should get the vehicle in TeamSpawningControl.
        Note: This will create black puddles and black wispy tentacles around the nodes captured by this team. This usually looks pretty cool but may look very odd if the nodes are near a ledge, since the "puddle" effect has quite a big radius.
        The "Necris" team doesn't necessarily have to get Necris vehicles. I don't think the vehicle factory gives a ****.


          One problem Xyx; This only works if you have power nodes(Warfare maps only). This does not work in VCTF. I've tried just about every setting in the vehicle factory properties, Shade, and can't figure it either. The vehicles (if not set to neutral) seem to lock based on the terrain. It's like UE sees the areas on the terrain it feels should be designated to which team, and you're stuck shuffling your vehicles around a little to find a spot where it would lock for the other team.

          The VehicleFactory properties needs a setting kind of like the TeamPlayerStart; bTeamUse: 0 (for red team) or 1 (for blue team)

          But, maybe I'm being too simpleminded. There has *got* to be a way to switch which team a vehicle spawns for without using powernode designations.


            Agreed, that's kinda silly. Right now all the vehicles are neutral, which sucks, because an enemy team member shouldn't be able to jack the enemy's vehicles off their base if they get blown up in hostile territory. Makes it too easy to get a fresh vehicle to get tow-flag-runs going...

            Oh well, there's no flying vehicles in my map other than the mantas, which may get swapped for vipers.

            I plan on porting it to Warfare after vCTF is done. It's just easier that way, but yeah a bTeamControl = 0 or 1 variable would be awesome.....


              Originally posted by ShadeMistress View Post
              I meant more like how the vehicles start assigned FOR a specific team.
              My experience with VCTF maps is that the vehicles pick up which team they are on based on proximity to the team flag. I know just last night as i was looking at the properties that you could pick which team gets assigned the vehicle (or, at least that is what I thought I saw - I wasn't looking for that item specifically, but I did think I saw that option). I will check this afternoon when I get home - at work now so I can't do anything. But, I do believe that their is something that allows which team to assign . . . I do not know if their is a limit to what the proximity to the flag is, but if the map is large - I wonder if you place it in the center if it will be NEUTRAL??? just a thought that I can't test now . . .


                Originally posted by [Apoc]Cerberus View Post
                One problem Xyx; This only works if you have power nodes(Warfare maps only). This does not work in VCTF.
                Oops, yeah... In that case, what exactly is the idea here? Blue teamlocked vehicles near the Red base? Non-teamlocked vehicles everywhere?


                  Xyx: Sometimes, if you move a vehicle just slightly further than it was, it will lock for the opposite team. it's damned annoying to place a vehicle two feet to the left of where it was, and have it change its team lock.

                  Shade: I found one solution to this problem, but it ain't pretty; I took the map, hid all but Terrain_0, used the Terrain tool to split the map, so all of Red Team PlayerStarts were on Terrain_0, and all of Blue team PlayerStarts were on Terrain_1. Then I could place any vehicle on T_0/T_1 and it would lock for Red/Blue respectively. A pretty crappy, noobish solution to the problem, but it worked. <shrugs>


                    Well, so far every vehicle on the map is locked from all teams unless I set the bStartNeutral flag. Which just sucks, cuz I don't want the Blue team taking a Red Team's Tank (unless Hijacking an already unlocked one) and vise versa...

                    So far, I've got no fix for this, I have tried everyone's suggestions to no avail... Sadness... lol...

                    Oh well, no rush on the solution, I have a load of things to build... my map is rather HUGE, mainly because I wanted to have a really big (think Torlan-sized) vCTF map that I could later convert to Warfare.... Doing the easier of the two first.


                      Hello. Noob map maker here.

                      I took a quick look thru UT3 Ed and came across this, hopefully this will solve your problem.

                      Under the UTVecihleFactory Properties, there is a tab called UTVecihleFactory, at the bottom of the list is TeamSpawningControl with TS_All as the default. When you click the little arrow there are options for TS_AxonOnly and TS_NecrisOnly. I haven't tried them out though.


                        I built a map with one big room and put a red flag base one end and a blue flag base the other end.

                        Put a team player start by each flag base and set the blue player start to team 1.

                        Then put a manta next to each flag.

                        Saved the map as "VCTF-Tester" then did a build.

                        Played the map from the editor and spawned at the red flag, the red flag manta was unlocked and the blue flag manta was locked.

                        Moved the manta to just before half way between flags and did a rebuild. The manta was red teams.

                        Moved the manta to just over half way between flags and did a rebuild. The manta was blue teams.

                        So it looks like when the map is named with the VCTF prefix and you do a build it assigns the vehicles to how close they are to each flag base.


                          weird, maybe I will delete all vehicles out and re-add them. I added them before adding the flag bases, maybe that's why they are misbehaving...

                          Thanks to everyone trying to help me out with this.


                            Yep, swapping the old vehicles out for new ones did the trick. The vehicles are now locked for the appropriate teams.