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Sudden issue pertain to painting terrain materials...

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    Sudden issue pertain to painting terrain materials...

    I have already made a few terrains before and already know how to make the Setup Layers for Materials to paint with... Up until now I haven't had any problems.

    But, just now, I was fiddling around with a terrain that I built and for some reason I cannot for the life of me have more than 2 Materials. If I try to use the third or fourth material, it paints it as the ugly grey n white default texture.

    Am I missing something really basic? Or is this a known issue?

    It means that you are running out of Texture Samplers or your Material Instruction counts are too high.
    There are a number of reasons why you can run into this and a number of ways to solve it.
    If you are using complex Materials that include NormalMaps, Detail Textures, Macro Mask Textures, etc., you severely limit what you can display on the terrain especially on older Shader Model 2 cards and low-end Shader Model 3 cards.
    Using simpler Materials should allow somewhere between 4 and 9 discrete Textures in use.

    If you had other specific questions or needed technical info, you can re-post or PM me.


      Right now I am using M_UN_Terrain_Dirt_03 for the ground and M_UN_Terrain2_Torlan_TerrainMacro_03 for the cliff faces...

      Before that, I tried using simpler textures and still had the same issue...


        Is there any terrain error message regarding materials when you do a Build All?
        What is the total count of unique textures on all materials that you are using (don't count the same texture twice), how many total terrain layers are you creating, and what is your video card?


          I'm not using any unique materials.

          I only need one or two more Setup Layers for Materials. Right now I only have those 2 plus the heightmap.

          I am using my either my GeForce 7300 GT or GeForce 8800 GT, the result is the same on both. I can use the other 2 fine, but as soon as I add a third one and try to paint with it, it's only displaying the default texture in it's place.

          So far all the map has is some static meshes, some vehicle spawners, a red flag base, 5 blocking volumes (just to make sure you can't fall off the map), and 2 weapon lockers.

          Haven't even touched BSP other than the blocking volumes.


            I assume that you have tried restarting UnrealEd in case the issue is with that. And that you have clicked on the Terrain Edit dialog's RM button to recache the layer materials.

            I need the actual total texture and layer count on all terrain materials.
            And by 'total textures' I mean everything: diffuse, normal map, macro masks, etc.