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    Material Question

    Ok something i just realized and am not totaly understanding...

    If you take a texture from UT2K4 that is 1024x1024 and apply it to a builder brush that is 1024x1024 in the UT2K4 editor, it covers the bsb perfectly from top to bottom without having to scale it. As you would expect.

    However you take that same texture without changing its size 1024x1024 and make it into a material in UT3 and apply it a builder brush that is 1024x1024 it tiles like crazy. In fact to get the same result as it was in UT2K4 you would have to scale the UT3 material to 8.0 but then it looks like caca.

    I dont understand. Shouldnt a texture/material be able to cover one side of a bsp brush that is the same size as the texture/material thats being put on it?

    I am only talking about the face of the bsp here not the whole brush. In other words make a wall with the builder brush 1024 in height and apply a 1024 tall material to it.

    I cant imagine we need to start making materials to be 8 times bigger to compensate just to cover without having it tile?

    p.s. how come they took out the whole size dimenson figures at the bottom of the textures in the browser? I cant seem to find any referance anywhere what some of the stock textures/meterials are. It was easy in the previous editor, it said it directly under the thumbnail image.

    Materials are not textures in a sence, but they are defaulted to 128x128, so there is no way for a material to determine the texture size, since a material can use many.

    With the new tools in the editor, it pretty easy to rescale.


      well how exactly does one go about making a defaulted material of 128x128 fit properly on a 1024x1024 brush without the need for scaling? The reason i ask is scaling the material larger only distorts it and makes it look like ****.


        ahh nvm i think i found my answer in the Hourences tut's. Thanks for the help, much apreciated.