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Terrain hight map of 2048x2048 ?

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    The engine can definitely handle it, I've made heightmaps of up to 5000x5000, but it definitely starts to experience some major FPS slowdown with anything over 1024x1024. The 5000x5000 ran, but was kinda choppy and had NO static meshes or items or anything, just terrain and a skydome. So, yeah, it can do it, but as to whether or not some people will be able to run it or not is a coin toss. I'd say try it out and if you start to have problems, go back and shrink it a little.

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  • started a topic Terrain hight map of 2048x2048 ?

    Terrain hight map of 2048x2048 ?

    What's up peeps? I know this is a Unreal forums.I wanted to ask a simple question.I've been using the SandBox Editor in Crysis and I made a map
    with the terrain hight map of 2048x2048.I can export it out as a bit map
    file and take it into photoshop.I was wondering if the Unreal3 Engine can handle terrain of that size or greater.I like the terrain I made in Crysis, and
    I would love to bring it into Unreal....I'm not a trader....ha ha ha.... I'm still a hardcore Unreal fan....I've been playing Unreal since Unreal1.