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very noobish question about applying textures

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    very noobish question about applying textures

    hi there
    i'm very new to unreal editor (i've built a map for UT1 back in 99) - but everyone has to start somewhere, right?
    i'Ve looked through several tutorials already (btw, is there a collection of all of them somewhere?) but i just cant manage to apply a texture on a terrain or a cube. here's what i've got so far....
    is there anything i've misunderstood in hourences tutorials about terrain texturing? could anyone give me a few hints or advices of what i have to take care of when applying textures to things?
    i'm trying to paint on the terrain here for example, but it just doesnt work. it doesnt do anything please help!

    First off, I know I have to do this...

    While the terrain editor is open, open up the generic browser and look for the base material that you want most of the terrain to be.

    Select that, then delete whatever lame *** (prolly empty) material is under "terracotta" there. Not the "jo" thing, click the arrow thing right next to terracotta's name and you should have an empty something there. Then right-click terracotta (after the other thing is dead and gone) and select "Apply selected material after this."

    That will change from that ugly default texture.

    Use the same technique for the reast of them to set yourself up for painting.

    Next, try to paint using the "paint" tool in the terrain editor.

    If you can't paint right away, try moving your terrain, then moving it back again. Sometimes the editor gets hung up and sorta "locks" you out of being able to paint until you actually edit the terrain again.

    That should do it for ya.

    The reason for all of that above **** is yet another bug that happens alot to me, probably 75-90% of the time, where the generic browser deselects everything you have selected when editing anything other than simply imputing material data. Even changing brushes will sometimes do it. It's annoying and I hope it gets fixed soon.

    But, for now, I've just gotten used to having to make my material textures the way described above and don't even bother to do it any other way anymore, saves more time than having to go back and change stuff.