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Beam Emitters + damage

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    Beam Emitters + damage

    I am trying to make a realistic-looking lightning storm in one of my maps that will occasionally hit the playing field and potentially fry a player that happens to be in the way....

    I am not even sure how to start approaching this, so any help would be awesome.

    DGUnreal mentioned making a Beam Emitter, but I have seen nothing about this in the CE vids, nor any tutorials as of yet, so Where can I start looking?


    I know how to change my emitter to a beam emitter, but still have no idea how to assign meshes/materials... No idea how to make beams deal damage if I were to able to ever get them to render... No ideas?


      Open the Shock Rifle beam in the editor. There might be some particle system(s) under A_Weapon_SR or A_Weapon_ShockRifle. You could also look for the Darkwalker beams, the Hellbender rear turret beam, the Hellbender/SPMA skymine turret beam, the Stinger primary tracers, the Enforcer tracer and/or the Sniper Rifle tracer. Or maybe the Hoverboard grapple line. When you find one in the Generic Browser, right-click it and select the Cascade Editor to view/edit it.

      I hope UE3 can do proper branching lightning... UE2.5 had some branching beam support, though it wasn't that great.


        Done that, but it looks like a lot of nothing in the game, sometimes it fires one very tiny blue thing that doesn't move, but then it shuts off... I'd mess with it in kismet, but I'm not trying to spawn blue sphere things and still have no idea how to spawn real lightning bolts...

        I'll just bump this every once in a while and put all other projects on hold 'til I get some sort of documentation or something on how exactly this bull**** is supposed to be used...

        Sorry if I sound a little irrate, but I am. I bought the CE for the DVD tuts, which are fine if I had never made a map for any game in my life and wanted to make the gameplay in every single map I ever make to be practically identical, but I guess that's what you get for the extra $10... It just feels very very very very incomplete, half the ****ing tools in the editor aren't even covered anywhere in the DVD, I've had to figure a ton of **** out on my own, which kinda defeats the purpose of having paid the extra $10 for a UT3 DVD/coaster...


          Agreed... I don't understand the reasoning behind releasing a complex editor without proper documentation either. This type of shortsightedness is yet another nail in UT3's coffin. Maybe UT4 will be released "when it's done".


            bump... I'm probably going to omit this feature from my current map and just add a vehicle spawner (spoiler: Fury) and essentially make this a sorta space-station Heat Ray. Except in this map, if you bail from the vehicle when it's about to explode, you're prolly gonna die anyway and lose a frag. Plus, everyone else has cover here and there of one sort or another, but no such luck for the huge, sorta slow, flying thing...

            I already played with it some and it's fun to be in the Fury, but man it's a rocket magnet once you get a frag or two... good times...

            I do still want to know how to do this, because it will become an invaluable tool in an upcoming map... No spoiler for that one, cuz it's still wayyyyy back in initial concept zone of my brain.