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Is there a limit to the number of vehicles in a map?

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    Is there a limit to the number of vehicles in a map?

    I was planning to make a UT3 Warfare map inspired by a map in Warhawk called Destroyed Capital. It takes place above the clouds. There is a center courtyard which is rather large, And around it are several skyscrapers, two of which act as each teams main base. The rest are capture points. To get between Each building requires flying vehicles. Several of them.

    Is there a max to how many vehicles I can put in, or how many of a certain vehicle I can include? If there isn't, would there be too much slowdown on maps if too many people were flying around at once? Just wondering if anyone knows. Warhawk games usually have many vehicles moving around the map at once, and I'd like to keep that feel of the map intact.

    Each Vehicle requires resources and replication of info over the network, so the limit is basically what you would use with common sense. For example, on a 16 player map there is no reason to place 100 vehicles in the map. They won't ever all get used and they would be wasting resources and performance just sitting there.
    So the number (and class) of vehicles inserted should be related to the design of the map, assuming it is designed sensibly.
    A 16 player map should usually have somewhere between 8 and 24 vehicles depending on style and design. An 8 or 12 player map would have fewer.