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Crash when I open my map!

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    Crash when I open my map!

    I have a big problem. My almost finishied map is crashing the editor when I try to open it. It works fine in the game though. What can I possibly do to make it work, or should I just start over? Maybe anyone else also had this problem?

    You may be having memory issues. How much ram do you have? Try increasing the size of your pagefile to something crazy (I have about 8 or 10 gb of pagefile/virtualRam).
    Hope that helps.


      Have not had this problem.....yet, however i do know UT3Ed uses an astounding amount of memory. nearly 1 Gig at idle with no map loaded and minimal programs running in the background. It also uses 25-50% CPU so as Jansoft stated, i would pull up task manager and check things out a bit. Specifically after rebooting, how are you sitting for memory and number of tasks runing. This is of course before you launch the editor.

      If memory, cpu and system resources are not your problem then i would look more at the fact that maybe the last things you did to the map are having some sort of issue in the editor. What were the last things you did to the map?

      If nothing else you could always try loading up an AutoSave version f the map, provided you had it turned on. See if one of the older versions will load properly and then try to pinpoint when the problem was introduced.


        the problem here is a unreal editor bug actually, while working with one of the in game packages it resaved a copy of one of them in anohter location. look through all the folders and look for a package that doesnt belong in that folder. for example i had a hd_floors in the env folder in my documents. After you clear all bugged saved packages from alternate folders it will open in editor again


          i cant offer you any help for this specific problem, as im unsure as to the problem behind it. but i can recommend to you for future reference to save you map to multiple files... such as a new file every major change, that way you can revert back if something messes up.
          also check the auto save files, you may have a fairly recent save that works.


            Look in the CookedPC folder I believe it is (one or two folders up from the Unpublished CustomMaps folder where your map is located), and delete the shader files that are there. There is most likely a ...SM2.upk and ...SM3.upk file (these are some sort of precompiled files for Shader Model 2 and Shader Model 3). There will be two to four files there usually. Delete them all. They will be re-created when you later build your map again.

            The issue is that if the editor doesn't save or exit properly, these additional files can be corrupted and the editor will then crash every time you attempt to open your map you are working on.

            I'm at work and not at my PC so I can't give you the exact file names etc.


              I have had this issue as well. When opening the map carefully watch the loading bar and see what package it crashes on. Then replace that package with a fresh copy. I ended up clearing out the old corrupted files and just moved a good version from another comuter and it then opened fine.


                I have had this issue as well, if the above tricks don't work do this:

                Go into My Documents/My Games/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Config/

                Delete all of those INI's...

                Go into the GAME and re-enter your CD Key, it will re-generate the ini's as fresh copies.

                You should then be able to get into the editor fine.

                All of your settings will be lost, so I often keep a backup copy of them elsewhere in a .zip and when I run into this issue, i delete the ini's and drop in the ones that worked before the issue.

                Silly editor needs a shot of something, lots of bugs like this going around...