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CTF-Meteora: Need some help on approach

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    CTF-Meteora: Need some help on approach

    Hello everyone,

    I've got some vacation coming up so I decided to try my hand at making a map. Below are two screenshots of a rough draft of the layout to show what I have in mind. The map is based on the Meteora convent in Greece and consists of a number of rock pillars connected by suspension bridges. It's roughly similar to CTF-Face in layout (yeah, I know, I'm not exactly the only one making a Face clone, but it's my favorite CTF map), apart from the lower path. The lower path has a lower sniper risk but a bigger chance of falling to your doom. The two bases and the center pillar all have a vertical shaft allowing access to/from the lower path. I still need to settle on a mechanism that allows both upward and downwards travel.

    Now for the question: The last time I dabbled in UT map making was UT99, so obviously technology has advanced a little bit since then. Therefore I'd like to ask what the best approach is to creating this map in the Unreal Editor. I see several options:

    - Create everything in 3D Studio, set up lighting in 3D Studio, render lighting to texture and export as one big staticmesh. I presume Unreal will not like this.
    - Create geometry for all but terrain in 3D Studio, export as separate staticmeshes, set up lighting and terrain in 3D Studio. Can staticmeshes receive shadows?
    - Do rock pillars as staticmeshes, but model convent with CSG.
    - Do tops of rock pillars as terrain, sides as staticmeshes.
    - Other?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    hi m8!

    just use 3DSM... Who care for uEd anyway ?


      I have 2 suggestions.... sort of

      1. Make lots of good spots to snipe from... love sniper <3

      2. Bot Paths, some maps I've downloaded have been really good but have either had lack of bot pathing or really crappy bot paths, sadly...

      Anywho, looks like a cool layout


        It looks like a great map, would definably download it when finished, if my comp works

        It really depends on how much you can do in the ut3 editor. Try do most in the one you
        know best and then polish it off in ut3

        so i would choose a mix of the second and the one before last options.


          DC monster ate my last post so I try again:

          Look at hourences tut about how he made cave. Do same way for pillars, but cut them into 4 pieces, (quarters vertically) and make each piece interchangeable, make like 10-12 different versions of that. This way each pillar will have different look. Do not use stock meshes for pillars, they will look generic to everybody in year or so as every single map will use rock meshes.

          If you have time for playing in max, do those buildings as static meshes to. Just do not make whole building as one mesh, cut them into pieces like Epic did.

          And experiment with bridges, You can make them movers that slightly wave in wind. Or if you feel really skilled in max, you can make them skeletal meshes and animate. THat would be awesome. I wonder also if they can work like ragdoll , this would be really great.


            Yeah, I have discovered Hourence's tutorials as well since the initial post. There really ought to be a link to them as a sticky post in this forum. The monasteries will indeed be done by splitting them up into static meshes. I've pretty much settled on the monastery layout and it allows for quite a bit of repetition.
            I'll make the pillars one piece though, as it's easier to work with and with a bit of rotation I should be able to avoid them all looking the same.
            As for the bridges: I'll see what I can do. Got any tutorials on how to make animated meshes?

            With regards to stock meshes: The main geometry will indeed all be custom meshes, as well as most of the convent interior. I'll use some stock meshes here and there as decoration (maybe some trees, and I saw a broken wheelbarrow somewhere that would fit with the theme. Haven't look at a lot of the packages yet) but I agree that custom meshes is the way to go.

            I'll probably have some WIP screenshots up in a day or two.