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Problem: Static meshes wont apear correctly in all viewports

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    ahhh i see i must have hit the w key and blocked the actors. Appreciated.

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    check these 2 things:

    a) try pressing w while the viewport the they not showing in is selected.
    b) try pressing the button on the bottom of the toolboX(the panel on the left)

    it should look like a green-grey eye with a green-grey "X" on it.

    hope it fixes it

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  • Problem: Static meshes wont apear correctly in all viewports

    when i go to place a static mesh it will appear in all but the view port i placed it in. in this picture below it wont appear in the bottom two, i placed it in the bottom left port, it didn't appear so i went to the bottom right, then i did "something" and it stopped appearing down there as well. Has anyone else had this problem? It's a constant occurrence, and view port i place a static mesh in never displays it while all the others do, so rebooting the browser will fix my current issue with the second view port (i hope) but not the issue of it refusing to render it in the port it's placed under.