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how to add core explosion animation to Warfare map

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    The core animation is a glorified matinee sequence. Learning how to do it means learning how to work with unreal matinee. Once you know how to work with matinee, making the core explosion isn't too difficult. Unfortunately making it actually work is a bit too involved to try and explain it all here. I highly recommend getting the unreal ed videos and studying the matinee sequence videos, then once you know matinee a bit, examine some of the existing core explosions to see how they work. It's much easier to understand once you know some of the basics of what you are looking at.


      Making a simple core explosion

      1. Add a CameraActor and place it in front of your core. Placement doesn't have to be exact as you can align it perfectly inside matinee.

      2. Select the core you want to create the explosion for in the view port, then click the 'K' to open up kismet.

      3. In kismet, right click and select "New Event using UTOnslaughtPowerCore_Content_X -> Play Core Destruction"

      4. Right click and select "New Matinee". Connect the out of the "Play Core Destruction" to the "Play" connection on the Matinee.

      5. Select the CameraActor in the viewport. Open Matinee.

      6. At the bottom, right click, select new group-> Camera Group.

      7. Select the camera icon next to the camera group so that you are seeing through the camera in the viewport. Adjust it accordingly so that you are looking directly at the core (or however you want to do it). Don't forget to deselect the camera icon when you are done adjusting!

      8. Adjust the play time to 18 seconds. Expand the camera group, select the movement track, then click the add key icon on the tool bar. The add key button is the little black thing right underneath the File menu.

      9. Advance the time ahead in the matinee sequence say 5 seconds, then select the camera icon on your camera group so that you are looking through it again. Adjust it so that's where it should be in 5 seconds then hit the add key button again.

      10. You should now be able to hit play in the matinee and see the camera move. Close matinee for now and leave kismet open.

      11. In the generic browser, open the package GP_Ons_PowerCore_Death. If this file is not in your list, you'll need to navigate to your unreal tournament folder and load it manually. Add the emitter P_Ons_PowerCore_Explosion_Main inside your core somewhere.

      12. With the emitter selected, open the matinee again, right click and select New Particle Group. With the Toggle track of the particle group selected, advance the time to around 6 seconds and hit Add Key, toggle on. Advance to the end, add a key, toggle off.

      Congratulations you now have a very simple core explosion. There is a ton you can do with kismet and matinee. Making the explosions look like epics is just a matter of getting creative. Looking at how they do it doesn't hurt either

      I've completely glossed over the director group, but with it you can add the core explosion sound, fade in/fade out, and multiple camera controls. Also missing is the skeletal mesh animation, which I'm not very familiar with honestly.