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Blocking Volume?

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    Blocking Volume?

    Hi all.
    I'm going through making the usual cube-with-lighting map we all start off with when were testing out a new piece of software. Well, its a bit more advanced than that now, and I'm trying to remember how to do things (its been a while).

    My problem is getting a player able to fall through a hole in the floor (similar to DM-Defiance leading to the armour in the sewer-like area). I've cut the BSP hole in the floor (all aligned to the grid), tried falling through with and without a static mesh in place. With no success. So I looked in Defiance and saw they had a blocking volume in place there, I tried this out too and it didn't work... can anyone help me?


    blocking volume is just that... it "blocks". if you have a static mesh covering a hole you specifically want players to fall into, you could remove the collision in the properties.