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Has anyone made a lava texture yet?

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    How's this grab ya?

    Here's a zip file that includes a custom package with the texture, along with all of the original texture maps including some that I decided to not even bother using.

    It's all normal mapped and everything. The only thing that may or may not look funny is that it doesn't move yet, I'm working on that and will send you an updated copy when it's finished.

    EDIT: I added the animation/Distortion to it, and it looks really spiffy now, kinda looks like heat distortion + liquid distortion. You'll have to light it... I recommend a not-too-horribly bright red-orange light with a brightness value of about .45 to .66 and a falloff of around 8. Will give it this nice glow look.


    Just unzip the folder and Open the package inside just like any other stock package.

    I didn't cook it, so if you want to modify anything, you can still save over it.


      i just downloaded it!!

      dude you're my hero! me worships you!
      i'll try to do my thingy with it ASAP!



        YVW Hope that works for you.

        I am thinking of just normal mapping a bunch of textures I have hanging around on a harddrive and releasing a custom materials package... we'll see...


          Excellent work!


            Thank ya...

            I actually dropped this in a map with no lighting and totally forgot that I plugged the texture into something else, so the texture itself doesn't really need to be lit at all. This means what? well, it means you can slap in on a mesh, turn off all shadows from it and all lighting received by it (optimizes performance +100%) and just put the red-orange lights Under the mesh to really maximize the glow effect.

            Just thought I should mention that.

            By the by, anyone can feel free to use this, I don't really care if you give me a mention in the readme or anything, as I am including this in the aforementioned materials package...

            I am going to release that one of these days when I get sick of staring at static meshes lol....

            Also, let me know if you need an additional one that scrolls for any flowing lava, though you could probably do that yourself in a minute or two (honestly, after making the texture in PS, the material literally took me about 5 minutes to put together in Unreal Ed).


              Thanks a lot SM!!! Looks great in game. When I finish my map you will be credited. Thanks again.