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    did you have the tga in a special place on your hard drive to start with? do i need to start with the tga in a "package folder?" short of that all i can think of is reinstalling ut3 thank you for your help


      I just had it on my no special location.

      Don't go reinstalling UT3 just yet. There really was something wrong with your texture. Part of it appeared really messed up in UnrealEd. I opened it in Photoshop and resaved it under a different name and it then looked normal when imported into UnrealEd. I suggest you try that. If that doesn't work for you, here is the texture which imported and looked correct in UnrealEd:

      Corrected Texture

      Try importing that. if that doesn't work, then maybe there really is something wrong with your system or UT3.


        fudge i refreshed as i was uninstalling, ill give this a go, once i put it back on. I did kill it completely at one stage with a bad mutator combo. I deleted some ini and let unreal just rebuild it. I tried reconverting from scratch with the orig jpg and still got the message. Ive been trying diff images and diff sizes all day.


          okay ive reinstalled ut3 and downloaded your texture.... and it still says "contains unrecognizable data" thank you for your efforts ffejnosliw, but it appears for some strange reason I am not going to be able to import textures


            When exactly does this "unrecognizable data" error message appear? What are you doing?

            Is this when you import? If so, can you list the steps of how you import the texture?

            You should be doing the following:

            1. Got to File->Import in the Generic Browser.
            2. Choose the texture file in the file browser.
            3. Set the appropriate settings, i.e. Compression type and possibly LODGroup, and click OK.


              sorry ffejnosliw was playing with some epic materials ill try this now i didnt use any settings ill have a look for these


                w00000t w00000t w00000t w0000t ffejnosliw Im glad your all the way in america coz i dont want to start kissing blokes now but im that bloody grateful thank you so much. Silly me was trying to open not import i now have your reconstructured texture and i can prob import the dozen others i tried today lol.... Geee my map really needs a wonderwoman tga to NOT pmsl. Thank you very much mate. Ironically id just built something for the catwalk i was trying to import materials for, lol oh well this will still come in so handy....