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Adding music and Speedtree

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    Adding music and Speedtree

    First, sorry for my stupid questions, but I'm new in UED.
    I've tried everything, but I can't add music to my level. Ok, I've add it, but it plays just one time.
    How to add a speedtree to my level? I've already make it, but I can't change anything (UED says, that I am using Epic's package).

    Please, can someone write me easy-step-by-step tutorial?

    you have to go into the sound cue editor which is like kismit and add a loop function in between the speaker and attentuation


      Yes, I know. I made it few days ago, but still it plays one more time, or stops when I came through the portal (?!).

      How to add a speedtree? Easy tutorial please!


        what is a speed tree? I get the same build error in my map as well for that.


          Try this for your song/music...

          In your "Generic Browser Window" Import your WAV file and make sure you select "your map name" from the drop down arrow to the right of your package name. Don't use the default name, it may be an Epic package like it sounds like you had error for. Once you got your maps name for the Package name selected hit "OK". Now when the file Imports and you see it in the Generic Browser Window to the right....Right click on the new file and click on "Sound Quality Previewer" then click "OK"...this process will take a little bit. The next step is to go to the "Actor Classes" tab and go to "Keypoint" > "Ambient Sound" > "Ambient Sound Simple" and click to highlight that actor.
          Now that you have that highlighted go to your map and right click on the floor in your "Prespective" view and click on "Add Ambient Sound Simple Here" should also have your file name attatched to the selection as well.
          This is set to "LooP" by default. Then you can go to its properties and tweek things to your liking.

          Hope that helps with the Music part....I'm not familure with Speedtree.



            dont do the ambiant sound thing, it will result in a bad sound and a huge map, your problem is you need to also go into the cue file and set the maxcocurentplays setting. Put it at like 999


              Originally posted by karmatized View Post
              dont do the ambiant sound thing, it will result in a bad sound and a huge map, your problem is you need to also go into the cue file and set the maxcocurentplays setting. Put it at like 999

              Not correct!

              Map before Publishing/cook was 47.5 MB
              Map after Publishing/cook is 7.02 MB

              and the sound quality is great! Stereo quality to be exact. the .wav file I imported was as follow:

              Length: 3 minutes 49 seconds
              Channels: 2 (stereo)
              Sample Rate: 44.1 Khz
              Sample Size: 16 bit
              Bit Rate: 1,411 Kbps (CD)

              WoOT....Rock On!

              I'm producing Instagib Low Grav Arena maps. I've done 2 already like this but I do want to try the other method I hear which is like the old .ogg way.




                lambo stop telling people to use the old method of music, it doesnt allow people who do not like it to turn it off. The correct way gives people the option to mute it.
                and you get true stereo with the new way, unlike the ambiant way which is based on your possition and the way to get around that is to place a few of them which totally kills stereo sound since the left and right overlap into one mono mush.

                Please before trying to tell me im wrong try the new way first and im sure you will agree its better.


                  I've nearly got my 1st map finished but cannot figure out how to add music, could anybody tell me step by step please. I just need it to play at start of match and play continuously till match end.


                    This is for putting one single track as main music for your map. It does not utilize the stock feature of music changing, and goes against the intended design of multiple cues for various action pieces in the match, but some people just want a single track playing.

                    Assume your map is DM-DeathRoom and we are importing the track Colossus.

                    Make a wav file 44khz - 16bit (22khz - 16bit may be smaller) ie: Colossus.wav Note: a smaller wav file will mean a smaller overall map package that your players have to download.

                    Use the generic browser

                    Import the wav into Unreal Ed. Package=DM-DeathRoom, Group=anything or leave blank, and name=Colossus.

                    Make sure you check bAutoCreateCue

                    You will now have your wav (Colossus) and a cue (ColossusCue) file.

                    To add your "UT Map Music" Right click in the generic browser windows for your package and select "New UT Map Music"

                    Once again package=DM-DeathRoom, group=anything or leave blank, and name should be unique (something different)

                    Then under the UT Map Music properties "UTMapMusicInfo > MapMusic" enter the cue file under "TheCue" for action, ambient, intro, etc. Note if you place your music piece in the Ambient line, it will play as ambient also. You should be able to leave this field empty and it will play as a normal music track adjustable by the music volume.

                    You now have a WAV, A Cue and a UT Map Music file saved in your package of DM-DeathRoom. Three seperate pieces, so please recognize their distinction. Wav > Cue > UTMapMusic.

                    You can right click the Cue file and select play to verify your track will work. Select stop to end playing. In addition right click your Cue file and select "Sound Groups>Music". This will set your Cue as a music track.

                    If the music is too quiet go to the cue properties and up the volume multiplier. The couple I've experimented with I upped to 20 instead.

                    In addition your music track should loop for 16 times by default. This may be ok for a 4 minute track (16 loops x 4 minutes =64 minutes of music). If you have a shorter track, or intend for your music to play longer, then you should up the loop count under the MaxConcurrentPlayCount in your SoundCue properties.

                    Another option for longer track play is in the "Sound Cue Editor" for your Cue files place a loop function between the speaker and the music as below.


                    Now we need to add the music to our level so it plays.

                    Under the main menu View > World Properties > WorldInfo look for MyMapInfo. There is a little blue triangle to the right. Click it and select UTMapInfo. It will dump a bunch of stuff in the map info area.

                    Go down to WorldInfo> MyMapInfo > UTMapInfo > MapMusicInfo and select your "UT Map Music" file located in the package DM-Deathroom

                    Save your map and you should now have music if you did it right. Your map size will be very large at first, but once you cook it, the file size should shrink. My test piece went from 50 meg to 11 Meg once it was cooked.

                    In addition this is for just for including the music with your map. I would imagine someone could embed all the old UT tracks into a single package and then you could point your "UT Map Music" to that package and select the cue file. But don't quote me on that, I have not tied it yet.

                    Many of the UT3 game tracks are in your Sounds folder under A_Music_PackageName. Most of these will already have the Sound and Cue created, so you just need to add your UTMapMusic to your level and point it to the SoundCue of the UT3 Music package. If you examine the A_Music_Arrangements package manyof the stock UT tracks "UT Map Music" are there and you can just point your world properties music info to this package.

                    You can take use of the ambient and action pieces if you want or find a whole track and use it for everything.
                    Thanks to Karmatized for some guidance in parts of this process and I suppose (just to be official) standard disclaimers of copyright and distribution apply.


                      Is there any particular reason why, in the World Properties, when you select a song from the Generic Browser, the World Properties does not accept it?

                      Every time I select a song, the music option simply writes "None" on it. I simply placed a simple audio actor and that seemed to work, but I keep wondering why the World Properties won't accept a song.


                        I believe it will only accept a "UT Map Music" entry. Trying to select the wav or the cue does not seem to work.


                          Music works... great! Thank you LordStrider and Làámßø. I have no idea how to add my custom speedtree (without wind effect), but (...) I will use a tree from Epic's package ;P

                          Thanks for all, now I can publish my map soon. Visit for more info

                          Oh, Lord, if you will visit Poland tell me about it. I'll buy the best wodka for you :P


                            Good to hear. But to give credit, I believe I've only elaborated on what Karmatized was saying. The ambient sound method may work, but adding the cue to the UT Map Music puts the track in the correct place for it's "intended" purpose. I guess it all depends on how you want it to work.


                              LordStrider, how do you add that little MY MUSIC box?