im working on a custom character model and everything seems to be working apart from the head, that just comes up invisible

I have a package named CH_Sarah and the head mesh in the package is named sarah_head

i've set a new part in the customchar ini for the head with the location set as CH_Sarah.sarah_head and set a new partid, then at the bottom of the ini setup a new character using all my new parts

is there anything i may have missed, does the head mesh need to be a specific name to load?

also how do u create subfolders within a package, as i see other characters have all the parts in a Mesh subfolder, but I don't see how i can make one for my own package

any help would be much appreciated as i would really like my character to have a head

ok problem solved thanks to Slaughter, seems like the package wasn't saving the changes properly and the editor was saving a copy of the package in /My Games/Unreal Tournament.... so just needed to copy that file over