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Jumpstart into the new editor?

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    Jumpstart into the new editor?


    I've just started fiddling with the new UT Editor and I'm going mostly alright with it because it's very similar to the UT99 UnrealED, but I'm having trouble finding certain things that I was used to using in the 99 editor. Namely: Textures and Actors.

    I'm just wondering if there are any sites that offer a jumpstart into the editor? Like the videos on the collectors edition, except in text format. I mainly need to know how to place vehicles and weapons, and where all the bloody textures are (I can only find weapon skins and water textures- It's infuriating) and I'll be set. I've been looking around the internet for tutorials, to no avail, and I am looking here as a last resort. (The community always is )

    Any help would be appreciated,

    try this link:

    if you cant connect its because UnrealPlayground is doing a redesign of the website this weekend. Keep trying it will work.