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Teleporter Tutorial?

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    Teleporter Tutorial?

    Does anybody know where i can find a tutorial on how to make teleporters in ut3 editor?

    I hope this helps

    Open Your generic browser.
    Click on actor classes on the top tab, 2nd from the left.
    Scroll down and open up Navigation Point.
    Go to Teleporter and expand that tree
    Expand the UTTeleporterBase.
    Click on UTTeleporter and highlight it.
    Move or close the browser.
    Right click about where on your level you want to place it and click Add UTTeleporter here.Make sure when you place it you rotate it so the the pointed end faces forward. So when you go to enter the teleport that the point is facing you on the ground. That is the front. I found out the hard way when i had it the opposite way at the desination that I would go through and look at the back of the teleport. So keep the point as the front on all you use.
    Add your second one where you want to teleport to.
    Right click on the first one open up its properties.
    Under Object click on the box to the right of where it says Tag. Give it a name.
    Do the same for the second one.

    IE: 1st teleport name it firstfloor
    2nd one secondfloor

    Now go back to the properties of the first teleport expand Teleporter and where it says URL enter the name you gave the 2nd. The url is your destination. If it is 2 way give the second teleporter the name of the 1st one.

    IE: 1st teleport URL would say secondfloor
    2nd one would say firstfloor

    I believe that if you open up the navigationpoint tree in the properties and you click bOneWayPath then it will only allow travel in one direction. I didn't mess with that cause mine are two way.

    Hope this helped some. If you have any questions PM me.


      Your welcome let me know if i did it right.


        Hey thanks for that small teleporter tut it works but for some reason I can't actually see my teleporter static mesh in the game. It shows up in the editor though.


        Whoops completely disregard this, I'm just an idiot thats all. It turns out I just needed to build all.


          When you put the poin towards you however, the "picture" at the other end is the wrong way. Do you know how to change this?