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JumpPads won't work

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  • JumpPads won't work

    I tried doing the following:

    Making a Jumppad
    Making a PathNode
    Going to the Jumppads properties
    Setting its Target to 'PathNode_0'

    I made sure that the jump is possible (I think so anyways), but am unable to get it to work.
    Please help me, thank you

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    An update, for some reason it doesn't let me edit my posts, but the error I am getting when I build is:

    PathNode_0 jump is no possible.
    I have saved and built.


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      when you type in PathNode_0 make sure to hit enter.
      That worked for me.


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        also check the "boost" or "height" (forgot what its called) property in under your target setting. I think default is "2.0" or "1.5" depends. You may have to play with that setting to get it to reach where you want. it takes into account obstructions. What you can do is, leave the property window open, set the window in the preview plane to show "paths" then while you adjust that number hit "Build AI Paths" in the build menu each time. it basically adjusts your arc.

        18 ) Jump Pads how do i make it work?

        A) First find the UTJumpPad in the browser under the "Actor Classes" tab. Go to "Navigation Point, then select "UTJumpPad". Right Click in your map then choose the UTJumpPad.

        Then you have to place a path node, then open the properties of the path node, click on "object" get the path node name, set the "Tag" field the same as the name field. Then go to your jump pad click its properties click "UTJumppad" Then put the pathnode "Tag" into the "Jumptarget" field. If you get an error or its not working, you may have to go pack into the properties of the Jump pad, and again under "UTJumpPad" and adjust the arc/boost of the jumpad, its labled as "JumpTime".


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          You need a targetpath and possibly a path leading to the jump pad (not sure). Imagine Jumptime being how long a jump normaly lasts when you jump in ut. If you want twice a long a jump (ie twice as high) you set this value to 0.5, if you want it 4 times as high you set it to 0.25


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            Thanks guys! I got it to work, thanks for your help.