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Any very Basic Tutorials there for new editor?

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    Any very Basic Tutorials there for new editor?

    I have done a small amount of editing in one of the older versions, but I tried in the latest editor and I can't even produce a room, just a basic room.

    I understand the two different methods of additive and subtractive and prefer to use subtractive, but when I try to subtrack a large room all I get is an orange cube which I can see through - no textures. I have no idea how to add a texture or even if I can.

    are there some basic settings I should change to allow me to see a room rather than wireframe orange cube?

    really wish I knew the Collectors Edition had tutorial videos - we should have the option of buying the extra content as a digital download.

    so anyone help me out here?



    After you construct it, Substract like you did, then hit rebuild geometry just in case.

    And change view to textured until, then you should see your room textured. And hitting "Q" "W" or changing what you see from drop-down menu near viewport name can solve invisible "BSP" thingy.

    To apply textures you need see your BPS walls. Then everything is almost like it was in UT2004. Go to generic browser, hit checkbox to view only MATERIALS. Pick one material and apply like it was done in all unreal engines. You may also load module with textures, again same as in old unreal, pick upack files manually or load some level and let it load all needed upacks, then load your level back.

    Ps. I know your feeling, I was quite frustrated on my first day with UT3.


      You are a Godsend!

      I have now at least made a "room" God I haven't done this in so so long, I fell so out of my depth. I'll get back into it.

      Thank you thank you thank you!



        You should really aim for looking at the 3DBuzz video tutorials!
        I just watched some of them and can only say: AWSOME!

        Beginners get a very good entry, and there's also a lot of stuff for advanced mappers....

        AFAIK you can also watch them on after regging (I got the SE with the bonus DVD).


          Thanks, I'll take a look - wish I bought the SE now but I didn't do enough research on what the SE contained.

          I'm at work now and all I want to do is get on and play with the editor!