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What happen to Encroach Damage?

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    I have successfully completed this task/ here is a picture of how I did it.

    Pic: removed

    Thanks for the posts~!!!

    EDIT: I agree with ffejnosliw below this is my revised working.

    ... More examples if you will..

    Originally posted by -=¤willhaven¤=- View Post
    How is the trap triggered? If you want to shoot the mover, it would be set up this way.

    It would basically be the same if you wanted to use a trigger.


      I don't see why you are using a Player variable instead of a plain old Object variable. The Player variable is a special variable that should be automatically populated with the correct objects (i.e. the players in the game). The way you are using it, you are overwriting the values of the variable which makes it (I am guessing) act like a regular Object variable. So, that brings me back to my original point. Why not use the standard Object variable in this case? You make your Kismet sequence confusing to read by using a Player variable in my opinion.


        If anyone still needs an example... I was once crushed by the big vehicle elevator in Sandstorm (the really big one under the bridge).


          I got this working pretty easy like this:


          I know what the Instigator on the event does, it sends the value of whoever the instigator is to a variable. But what does the Instigator on the Cause Damage Action do ?

          Second question:


          I got this set up, the interpactors are elevator doors that close. One door from the left and one from the right. Does anyone know how I can kill a player that comes between them without using the Interpactor Mover Event ?


            You could use that RB_RadialForce and such actors, but I did not succed with making them work. There was tutorial on VEOH for making that in GOW but i canot find it anymore.

            So anybody knows how to activate those RB_something actors, and if they work for plaers or only karma objects. Would be nice to just push player to kill him.