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Do Matinee Movers work in multiplayer now?

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    Matinee does replicate over a network now, yes. That's how the WAR maps ending scenes, all movers, and lots of in-level effects are accomplished.

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  • started a topic Do Matinee Movers work in multiplayer now?

    Do Matinee Movers work in multiplayer now?

    Horences Tut on Movers for UT3Ed uses matinee. Matinee made great movers for Ued 2.x/3 BUT they could not be used in muliplayer maps. Are matinee movers supported for multiplayer in the new game engine?
    Hey I got a reply from Horence has anyone tried this yet, ought to be a blast! Horences relpy::

    Matinee isnt what it used to be anymore. It is fully integrated now and
    the only way to create movers. It fully supports multiplayer, and if you
    open a couple of UT levels, youll see that it they too use nothing more
    than Matinee for their movers.
    There's even a property in the Matinee properties "Client Side Only