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Playing maps in-game

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    Playing maps in-game

    Okay.. in UT2K4, we could save our map and then just play the level in-game.

    With UT3, it's not so simple. What are the steps to be able to play the map I just created in-game (not through the editor).

    I've tried cooking the map, but came up with errors and it never showed up in the Deathmatch list. I also named my map with the prefix DM-.

    I've tried searching but haven't really came up with much.

    Okay.. found out that if you go to your UT3 shortcut and add "-useunpublished" it will automatically find maps and play them in-game.

    Otherwise, I was told you can use the "publish" button in the editor to "copy over" the map from the unpublished folder to the published folder, but that doesn't work. Doing a manual copy over to the publish folder works just as well. This stuff is more confusing than UT2K4's. Still trying to understand all the mod stuff.


      I was trying to figure this out to but what do you mean go to your UT3 shortcut and add "-useunpublished"?


        Right click on the UT3.exe (either on your desktop or in the UT3 directory) and go into properties.

        In the TARGET field: "C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe"

        Make it look like this:
        "C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" -useunpublished

        Using the -useunpublished command searches for maps in the "unpublished" folder in My Documents. When you save maps from the editor, it saves them in the "unpublished" folder.

        I don't know why they used this kind of formatting.. it's very confusing.



          ^^ More help here... some can be confusing.