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UnrealEd3 Non uniform brush scaling.

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    UnrealEd3 Non uniform brush scaling.

    Has anyone tried the non uniform brush scaling?

    I left my grids at 16 and have them snapped, but when I try to do scaling I notice that instead of snapping to the grids it is way off and my final brush no longer stays on the grid lines. So if I lock my bottom corner and scale the top, the top often no longer sticks to the grid lines.

    I have always liked brush scaling as a quick method to resize and in 2004 it worked great. I'm sticking to default settings, and have not changed anything.

    Anyone else notice that the grid is off in non uniform scaling?


    yup i noticed the same thing. About the only thing you can really do atm is to scale it biger and then clip it so it lines back up on the gird. See my FAQ if you are not sure how to clip/slice in UED4.