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Have Questions? Look here first - UT3Ed FAQ

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    Have Questions? Look here first - UT3Ed FAQ

    This FAQ is designed to help anyone that has a common question regarding the new editor.

    NOTE: If you have an answer to a common UED issue, fix, tip or shortcut please post it. I will keep this post updated with the new entry's.

    FAQ - General

    Q. Some people call the new editor UED3 and some say UED4, which is it?
    A. It is called --> UT3Ed

    Q. Where is the editor and how do i start it up?
    A. There is more then one way to do this but the easiest is to double click the shortcut for 'Unreal Tournament 3 Editor' in your All Programs menu.

    Q. What are the .upk files?
    A. They seem to hold the custom content of your map such as textures, materials, static meshes etc.

    Q. How do i play test my map in game?
    A. You need to do the following...
    1. Make sure you saved your map with a gametype prefix in the file name such as DM-Test
    2. Look to see if the following folders exsist, if not you will need to manualy create them.

    C:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps

    3. Perform a Build All and then perform a Publish command on the map.
    4. Launch the game, select IA and apropriate gametype. You should see your map at the bottom of the list of available maps.

    Q. Can i change the size of the in-editor window that i use to play test my map with?
    A. I have read you can change it by using the SETRES command but not 100% sure.

    FAQ - Features

    Q. Is there a ruler in the new UED?
    A. Yes, simply click and hold down the middle mouse button and drag.

    Q. Where did the slice tool go and how do i clip my brushes?
    A. See this post for step by step process.

    Q. How do i flip the clipmarker so it will clip the other side/end of my brush?
    A. You can use the widget tool by clicking one of the push pin markers and moving it to the opposite side of the other marker. This will cause the clipmarker to point the opposite direction.

    Q. Is there a 2D Shape Editor in the new UT3Ed?
    A. I am not totaly clear on this, but it may have been incorperated into the new Geometry Tool.

    FAQ - Textures/Materials

    Q. How do i find differnt materials, static meshes etc in the Generic Browser?
    A. You can either right click on a curently listed entry in the Generic Browser and choose 'Fully Load' or use the Generic Browser to open a .upk package. Packages are located in 'Your_UT_Install_Folder\UTGame\CookedPC\Environmen ts'

    Q. How come i can't apply a texture to things such as my BSP?
    A. UT3Ed deals with textures differntly then it did in previous versions. Now it uses Materials which is comprised of one or more textures. So you will first need to make a material with your textures and then apply that.

    FAQ - Audio
    check back soon.

    FAQ - Import & Export
    check back soon.

    FAQ - Issues

    Q. I cant see any static meshes in my viewport, whats wrong?
    A. Make sure you have told the vieport to display them by clicking the dropdown arrow on the title bar for the viewport and selecting static meshes. You can also hide things from view using the same method.

    Q. Why do all my static meshes have no detail to them when i play the map?
    A. This is because there is a setting for static meshes which seems to be off by default and you need to turn it on for each static mesh. Simply right click the static mesh in question and goto its properties, then look for bforcemipstreaming and click the check box. Note you can multiple select several static meshes and apply this setting to all of them at once if need be.

    bumping* post


      I can confirm that the Publish button doesn't work. It's supposed to copy your map files and such from the "unpublish" folder to the "published" folder, but it never copies. I had to manually copy them in order for it to show up. (Unless for some reason it's worked for you, lol. I've tried several times!)

      Or, you can use the UT3.exe -useunpublished trick to view the maps in the unpublished folder.

      Good starting FAQ though. I'm sure there's A LOT more we can add to it.


        hmm i manualy created the folder to start with and then did a publish and it put the map and .upk files directly into it without any problem.


          Ah, okay. I'll give that a try and see what it does.


            I can say that the publish button worked here.


              Ugh, I got it copy over the .upk file, but no .ut3 map file. I'm getting frustrated, lol. I love the new editor, but can't stand this cooked and uncooked process of theirs.

              Here's my steps... correct me if I went wrong some where.

              1. Inside Unpublished\CookedPC\CustomMaps\ -- I created a folder named "TestMod" to save the ut3 and upk files in.
              2. Created my level.
              3. Saved as DM-TestMod.ut3
              4. Hit the Publish button.
              5. Asked to save my package. I saved it as TestMod.upk.

              The CMD windows pop up and I let it do it's things.. always comes up with 2 errors.
              "error saving DM-TestMod.ut3 to ...\Publish..."
              "error saving TestMod_LOC_int.upk to ...\Publish..."

              Result, only the TestMod.upk went over into the Publish folder. Otherwise, everything else stayed in the Unpublished folder, including the .ini text file.
              Oh well... I'll stop wasting space in this thread. If anyone can help me out, send me a PM. Thanks.

              (My workaround right now is just to manually copy the files over).


                bumping post again.


                  It is not UEd4. It is Unreal Editor for UT3. Or UT3Ed.

                  You normally won't be copying any stock content to your map, there is usually no reason to. Content is often larger than previous UT game versions, so you want to leave as much in the stock packages as possible, otherwise your map may be a large download.

                  You can press "G" to hide all non-game objects/actors in the editor. Good for editor screenshots.

                  Make sure that you set the lightmap properties for StaticMeshes that you insert, they always default to an override of size 0 (per-vertex lighting like UT2004). But first make sure the StaticMesh is actually supporting a lightmap channel (you can usually tell by the number of UV Channels and/or LightMapCoordinateIndex and LightMapResolution settings of non-0).


                    Thanks for the corection, i will make the necessary changes to the FAQ.

                    However for anyone who is interested regarding the version num. UT2004 Ed aka UED3 is clearly marked as Ver 3.0. The new UT3Ed is marked as ver 3.4xx not ver 4 as i had previously thought.

                    Again thanks for the corection.


                      You're welcome.
                      The splash screen in UT2004 shows "UnrealEd 3.0".
                      The Help About dialog in UT3 shows "Unreal Editor for Unreal Tournament 3".
                      UEd for UT3 (or UT3Ed) is also what Epic emphatically calls it (there is a thread by Mark Rein I believe where he clears up the name confusion). Most likely the renaming of UnrealEd is to remove confusion with Unreal Editor for Unreal Engine 4, which AFAIK is under design.


                        I have a mapping for Dummies over here ->


                        Of collected info. If you don't mind if like to use some your faq's over there. Your more than welcome to.

                        I always try and give people credit from whom i got the info.

                        great job!


                          Comments inline, in red:

                          Originally posted by (¯°·«èXó»·°¯) View Post
                          Q. What are the .upk files for and do i need them?
                          A. They seem to hold the custom content of your map such as textures, materials, static meshes etc. To save this content in your map as you did previously in earlier versions of UED, simply name and save the package the same name as your map. Example: MapName = DM-Test.ut3, Save the package as DM-Test.

                          I would question this. When you build lighting for your map, UE3 stores the built lightmaps in a package named the same as your level. When my students have created a package that is named the same as their level, it always leads to problems. Run some tests, but unless something has changed in the UT3 version of the editor (vs. RoboBlitz and all our internal versions of the engine), saving a package that is the same name as the map is not a good thing.

                          Q. I cant see any static meshes in my viewport, whats wrong?
                          A. Make sure you have told the vieport to display them by clicking the dropdown arrow of the title bar for the viewport and selecting static meshes. You can also hide things from view using the same method.

                          The default keyboard shortcut for hiding static meshes in the editor is "w". This causes users who are familiar with Max or Maya to accidentally hide all the static meshes by trying to switch to the move manip using the shortcut for move in Max and Maya.


                            Originally posted by melmonkey View Post
                            I would question this.
                            You are correct. UT3 no longer uses the UT2004 internal package name of "myLevel". In UT3 the internal package name is the actual map name in the Generic Browser.
                            So any custom content should be imported into the package that is the map's name. This package will show up in the Generic Browser as soon as you first save the map. Import into this using sorted group names for better organization. Never attempt to save that package that is the same as the map's name separately, you don't have to. The editor can be a bit flakey at times, where the map name package still has an asterisk (*) after it, meaning that it is dirty (unsaved) even though you just saved, and exiting UT3Ed will give a warning that one or more of the package groups is unsaved, these warnings can be ignored.


                              Ok, so let me get this straight. I have been trying to make a simple subtractive space in the editor. I create the BSP cube set the thing to subtractive, and subtract it out. How is it that I actually add the material? Do I have to save the *.upk of my choice to the name of my map, and then what do I do? Click on the brush properties? I am lost!