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    Help with Generic Browser

    I had a go at learning UnrealEd a few years ago with UT2k4, and now I've started again with UT3. It seems like 2k4 was much easier...

    Can anyone help me understand the following?

    The generic browser. The materials and static meshes available in the browser seem to vary greatly. Sometimes very few will be listed, sometimes a great deal. It seems to vary depending on what official maps I view in the editor first.

    I did ask about moving actors but I juts solved that.

    Not sure if this is what you're asking, but just keep in mind that there are no material or mesh packages anymore, everything goes in the upk file type. The checkboxes on the left merely only show a particular kind of file within that package and only the packages that have that file in the lower part. It might also not include everything at first, at least in 2004 you had to open some packages before they were displayed.


      I'm not sure either... Unless to see all the statiuc meshes available I have to first import all the upk files?

      Let me give a specific example.

      I open UnrealEd, open the map I'm working on, and open the Generic Browser. I then select Static Meshes and look at the listed packages. There aren't a great deal.

      Then I open DM_Deck, and there are much more Static Mesh packages in the browser.

      Then I open my map again, and DM_Deck's packages are still in the browser.


        In the browser, you need to load additional packages, or right click on the displayed packages and select Fully Load.

        To find the additional packages, they are located in Your_UT_Install_Folder\UTGame\CookedPC\Environment s
        Note: No space between the t & s above. It did it on its own.


          I just tried to import all the packages there, and it froze UnrealEd. I almost couldn't close it...

          It's a shame that there isn't a standalone package browser.