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How to add a material layer to a terrain

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    How to add a material layer to a terrain

    I was having trouble with this earlier but figured out the process today, so if anyone needs help adding a material to a new layer (not a deco layer) read on:

    There are two ways of doing this, so I'll do the easy one first.

    1. Open your generic browser and select the material you want to be applied to your layer, you may have to check later that it is still highlighted in the browser.

    2. Right click on the grey area underneath your heightmap and select "New Terrain Setup Layer from material(auto-create)"

    3. You'll see a dialog box come up with a package at the top (should be the name of your map) a spot for a group name (this is more for tidiness, you should come up with an identifier that makes sense) and a spot for a name (enter something that makes sense, if you are adding rock, name it something like "rock_01", this is what will show up in your terrain edit window later)

    4. You'll see a factory selection which should say "TerrainLayerSetup", ignore the options underneath since they don't apply to what we're doing.

    5. Press ok.

    6. Another similar looking dialog box will pop up, everything should look the same, you should probably put it in the same group, but name it something else - it will appear in a tab underneath the first name you entered.

    7. Press ok and voila you have a material on your terrain. It operates differently than in ut2k4 however; it will apply the material to the entire heightmap instead of making you brush over it first. So for instance you can add another layer and then ctrl+rightclick with the paint tool in order to erase the topmost layer to uncover the material later underneath it. Ie, your top layer is dirt and your bottom layer is grass, so you would erase a section of the dirt layer to uncover a patch of grass.

    The second method isn't really worth discussing in the same detail, it just creates a base "TerrainLayerSetup" without prompting you for a material.

    doesn't work at all for me... just gives me a new layer that looks exactly like the default texture and I can't change it what-so-ever, so I have to build a whole new terrain... yay... >


      The Twelve Step Terrain Program

      Originally posted by ShadeMistress View Post
      doesn't work at all for me... just gives me a new layer that looks exactly like the default texture and I can't change it what-so-ever, so I have to build a whole new terrain... yay... >
      It's a bit confusing. You need to have at least one 'texture' (i.e. .bmp)

      Create a 'Material' using that texture (Plus more like normalmaps if you have them). Do this by right clicking in your generic browser and selecting 'new material'.

      Next create a 'Terrain Material', by right clicking in the generic browser again and selecting 'new terrain material'. Once you've named it and you see it in the generic browser, right click on it and open it's properties. You will have to assign the first 'material' to it, much like you assign a material to a static mesh.

      Finally, you need to right click in your generic browser again, and select 'new terrain setup layer', name it, and right click on it in your generic browser to open its properties. Assign your 'terrain material' to this 'terrain setup layer', and it should be ready to add to your terrain, which you should be able to do either through the terrain editor, or by selecting your terrain and right clicking on it to open its properties, both ways work...

      Good Luck


        Ive currently got 4 layers, im wanting a couple more to help break up the map a little as it is a very large level. Now when I go to use a layer ive added to the level the patch I try to add it to just goes multicoloured in a big square.

        Has anyone else has this issue and found a way to fix it?

        Cheers for any feedback.

        p.s. Ill add some screenshots when I get back home.


          You can only have so many texture shaders for the terrain (I think the max is 13, one is set aside for the heightmap so actually 14, but some high end users can go up to 16), so if you have too many shader references, including texture samples, in your materials you'll get glitches.

          So far the max materials I have gotten the editor to tolerate on a terrain is 4.


            Hmmm. Looks like my max might be 5 for me then (inc height) then. Are there any video demo's out there for terrain editing, materials in particular?

            I could do with adding a pavement material layer and mud track's. The ones from torlan. Why on earth cant it handle it. The pavement isnt too much of an issue ill have to use the brushes to make the roadways, but it isnt ideal. The mud tracks... well unless someone has made a mud track static mesh then im stuck on that one.

            I have no idea how I can get around this problem. ****.


              I found out that after adding new terrain layer you need to exit and enter terrain editor for it to notice new layer. Then be use you selected brush that has non zero strength and radius, and you selected painting not smoothing or something like that.


                you know I think you might be right there! Ill deffo try it tonight!