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Need some help getting perspective

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    Need some help getting perspective

    I'm completely new to lvl design with UT III. It would really help alot if someone could give me some answers to these question or any helpful advice.

    how tall is the average character model in terms of units?

    How tall is the average character model when he crouches?

    how high can the character jump and double jump in units?

    roughly how many units to a foot?

    thanks to all those who reply.

    easiest way, is to just dump a character into your level, and use him as reference, i'm mostly guessing jump/crouch height though.


      If you want to divide the subjective 96 into cm or in you can, but there isn't really a "foot" in the editor.
      these are measurements I took the other day, but they might not be right because they are taken from the editor test play, not an actual go through the game play.
      ctf flag dimensions: 84x84x172 (lower flag edge at center, flag about 42)
      character dimensions: 32x52x96high
      default pose (standing): 32x52x96
      can move crouched under a space ? high.
      can jump an obstacle 80 unites high.


        Thanks for that info carvaggio, would be nice if there was a sticky post (or udn page) with all such relevant info (jump distance, crouch height, dodge distance..)


          Thanks alot for the advice.